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Hair loss can be a stressful and embarrassing condition for many men and women. If you have thinning hair or baldness, you have choices: you can ignore it, accept it, or look for a solution. The specialists at La Jolla Hair Surgery Center are here for you, with support and effective treatments based on medical science. At our center in La Jolla, we see patients for hair restoration from San Diego as well as around the globe.

La Jolla Hair Surgery Center is the first hair restoration center in the U.S. operated under the direction of a triple board-certified plastic surgeon and a board-certified dermatologist providing patients the highest level of care in hair replacement surgery. To find out about your options, request a consultation with Dr. Richard Chaffoo or call our office at (858) 997-0096.

A Hair Transplant Specialist &
Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Attractive hair transplant results that look natural require the precision and aesthetic eye of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Richard Chaffoo personally plans and oversees every hair replacement procedure performed at La Jolla Hair Surgery Center.

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The Right Surgeon

When it comes to hair loss solutions, your outcome depends on choosing a doctor with the right credentials, training, and experience. It's important to understand, there is no medically recognized training required to perform hair restoration surgery. So, while many types of doctors may offer hair transplants, only plastic surgeons are specifically trained and qualified in aesthetic surgery of the entire body. The director of our center, Dr. Richard Chaffoo, is a plastic surgeon with nearly 30 years of experience performing aesthetic surgery, including hair restoration. During that time, he has developed:

  • Unparalleled training in aesthetic surgery that focuses on the face, hairline, and scalp.
  • Experience in the surgical management of all aspects of hair and scalp reconstruction and repair.
  • The ability to perform the most complex procedures to treat even the most difficult scalp and hair defects resulting from burns, cancer, trauma, congenital and acquired disorders such as hair loss.
  • An understanding of the aesthetics of natural hairline design including an eye for choosing the number of follicles placed in each graft and the orientation of the transplanted hair.

Natural-looking hairline design depends on the
surgeon's skill and artistic abilities.

The Right Team

While Dr. Chaffoo meets with every patient who visits us for a consultation, he partners with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart who is specifically trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating all medical causes of hair loss. Our center is unique as we are able to diagnose and treat both medical and surgical hair loss.

Dr. Chaffoo oversees every hair transplant procedure performed at our center. Because these procedures involve intricate, time-consuming microsurgery, Dr. Chaffoo is supported by our world-class, highly trained and experienced hair surgery team. Respected by their peers, our team members have been invited to international workshops and trained other technicians and doctors around the country. To ensure safety, comfort, and impressive results, our team focuses on caring for a single hair transplant surgery patient each day.

To ensure safety, comfort, and natural-looking results,
we dedicate our team to serving a
single hair transplant patient per day.

The Right Facility

At La Jolla Hair Surgery Center, our state-of-the-art facility was specifically designed to provide hair transplant surgery patients the highest level of safety and comfort. Our Center of Excellence is located on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla. A rigorous, peer-reviewed, approval process is required to establish a practice on this prestigious medical campus. While the hair transplant process typically takes hours to complete, patients are able to lie down and enjoy all the creature comforts in our man cave, such as food, beverages, music, and movies. Our numerous out-of-town patients have access to overnight accommodations and limousine service as well.

The important thing is to do your homework and
choose a center that is uniquely qualified to handle
your individual hair restoration needs.

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