What's the most emotional reaction after a NeoGraft procedure?

I think, honestly, it's elation. I think that, you know, men who have wanted to do this for a long time and have really been thinking about it, weren't really sure, didn't know about the strip technique, or worried a lot about the donor scar, they wanted it to look natural without that "cornrow" effect, the procedure that we're doing now, patients wear their hair wet and slicked back. I've got one patient of mine, a very active guy, and he's like, in his late 60s. Every now and then he sends us pictures after we've asked. He travels all over the world. He sent us pictures from the Cayman Islands, he was there and his hair was all wet, he was in his wetsuit, and he was just so elated at how his hair looked and how he felt about himself. And I think that's the thing that men tell me over and over again, and that I can relate to as a guy, is that it really does make a difference if it's something that truly bothers you. It doesn't bother everybody, but I mean, for most men, losing your hair is not on your bucket list, let's say. So it really does make a difference for patients – just that self-confidence they have. We see them back at a year and they have hair growth now where they didn't have hair growth, or they have more hair than they had before. It's fun to have them look at their pictures from beforehand, because sometimes they forget how different it looks, and they're very surprised, but excited. Certainly with women, we do some eyebrow transplants too, some women that overpluck their eyebrow hairs will transfer there. When some women have had facelifts where the hairline has been lifted up too high and they've lost some of the hair in front of the ear, or there's a scar going down the back of the head and they can't pull their hair up in a ponytail because they can see the scar – we can get rid of those, we can graft right into those scars, we can lower a patient's hairline after a forehead lift or a brow lift to make them more youthful and make them look younger. So there are multiple applications for patients. We have had patients who have had cleft lips, guys who have had mustaches, we can go in and graft to the face. So there are a lot of exciting applications for this technology.

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