How long does the NeoGraft procedure take?

We're very detail-oriented. I've got my team of hair surgery specialists who I've trained and who work with me designing the hairline. We dedicate doing 1 patient a day, and we have our own surgical center where we do it in our facility. But it depends how many grafts we're doing. If we're doing, say, a smaller number of grafts to a smaller area, it might be half a day. But if we're doing a larger volume of grafts, we have to cover a larger area, a patient will be with us all day long. But you know, it's a nice environment, We feed them, we let them go to the bathroom, we have a big flat-screen TV with Netflix. You know, actually, it's a nice experience for some of them. I think sometimes, the patient's kind of sad it's all over. My nurse gives them a background and they say, "Do I have to go home now?"

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