How long before you see new hair growth at the transplant site with NeoGraft?

When you do the transplant, there's a tiny little shaft of hair that's present. Most of the time what happens is we transplant the graft, and then that little shaft of hair may grow for the first month. But then, invariably, the little shaft is shed off 3 months from that time, before you actually begin to see hair growth. And normally, the final result from a hair transplant procedure that we do is anywhere from 1 year to a year and half. And the reason for that is that the hairs are in 3 different cycles. Some are in the rest phase, some are in the growth phase, and some are in the degradation phase. They anywhere from 3 to 4 month intervals, so everything has to cycle together, so normally it's about a year to a year and a half before you see the final outcome.

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